Status of Port

Newport Status

Competitiveness of Port

Multipurpose Port

Constructing a batch processing system for materials of plants

- Capable of saving logistics costs significantly for a shipper

Capable of dealing with super-large plant cargo that is not available for passage through roads and bridges

Available for an access all the time (24 hours)

Possessing the Best Port Infrastructure

Possessing a variety of equipment

- A container crane, a transfer crane, a harbor crane, a crawler crane
- Possessing diverse stevedoring equipment such as a reach stacker, a forklift (2.5 to 16 ton) etc.

Operating a bonded warehouse and a bonded shed for business uniquely in the region of Mokpo

A dedicated place to deal with steel for shipbuilding + Magnet System constructed

Other facilities

- Fully equipped with facilities such as electricity, communication, water and sewage, treatment of sewage etc.

Providing Related Services

Rental of Yard (300,000㎡) and Equipment

- Rental such as a harbor crane, a crawler crane, a forklift and SPMT etc.

Providing overland and sea transport service

A batch processing of stevedoring-transport through introduction of a barge (Mokpo 6001)

- Dead Weight Tonnage : 3,187t (6,000P)
- Loading Space : 68.0m(L) × 20.0m(B) × 4.2m(D)

Geographical Advantages

Existence of Hwawon Peninsula and Islands Playing a Role of Breakwater

- Playing a role of a port for ships to avoid typhoons

A port equipped with sufficient the bearing capacity and stability of the soil

- The result of measurement of the bearing capacity of Y17 by Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries : 32ton/㎡