Mokpo Newport

Mokpo NewPort Terminal

A company that employees are working for with excitement and happiness
A company that customers come back with a smile and trust
A beloved company that is with a community
The Mokpo New Port is an important spot for marine trade that a central axis of Korea, China and Japan intersects with the artery sea route and a place where the traffic map of South Korea starts.
The Mokpo New Port that is a base port for the southwest region is the first privately-invested port and a multipurpose port, and possesses the equipment and personnel for stevedoring to be able to deal with general freight of 5 million ton and 360 thousand TEU of containers per year at a large harbor for simultaneous berthing of 3 ships rated 30 thousand ton.

The Mokpo New Port has an ideal site condition for entry and departure all the time and is equipped with a wide hinterland for the harbor, and provides the best transportation service by land and sea through the surrounding industrial complex and the optimized adjacent infrastructure. Besides, it offers the premium incentive to customers with customized services in collaboration with the government and municipal government.

The Mokpo New Port has constructed happy company culture so that employees can work with excitement with taking communication and empathy, trust and collaboration as key values in order to provide the high-quality services constantly that customers can be satisfied. Even invisible impression beyond visible impression. The Mokpo New Port will make the best effort to make a way towards ‘the new future’ with customers by completing all works properly based on creativity and efficient organizational culture of the privately-invested port.

Thank you!

Mokpo NewPort Terminal Corporation President  Jong-Koo YEO