Business Area


Rental of Yard

We make a contribution to cost saving for customers by providing rental service of the yard of 300,000㎡ equipped with high stability of the ground.

  • Available for long-term storage of every sort of super-heavy objects based on the excellent bearing capacity of the soil
  • Minimizing logistics costs for customers by proceeding with assembly of cranes and making concrete blocks etc. inside the yard
Type of Cargo Concrete Block
Area 45,000㎡

Type of Cargo Riprap
Area 20,000㎡

Type of Cargo RMQC * 4 Units
Area 43,200㎡

Type of Cargo GTSU * 3 Units
Area 8,100㎡

Type of Cargo CSU * 2 Units
Area 11,250㎡

Type of Cargo RMQC * 2 Units
Area 18,700㎡

Type of Cargo Blade
Area 1,440㎡