PR Center

PR Center


Purpose of Establishment

  • Constructing the network among members through maintaining the close relationship between sister ports
  • Promoting expansion of collaboration between member ports and exchanging information between ports
  • Enhancing economic and cultural bonding through establishment of mutual relationship between member ports

Status of Registration of INAP Member Ports (10 Ports in 7 Countries)

  • ① Mokpo NewPort in South Korea
  • ② Dangjin Port in South Korea
  • ③ Gochi Port in Japan
  • ④ Colombo Port in Sri Langka
  • ⑤ Qingdao Port in China
  • ⑥ Tanjung Ferrak Port in Indonesia
  • ⑦ Subic Bay Port in the Philippines
  • ⑧ Sebu Port in the Philippines
  • ⑨ Dabao Port in the Philippines
  • ⑩ CHITA Airport in Bangladesh

※ INAP Secretariat : Dept. of Harbor/Airport Promotion, Authority of Harbor/Airport, Kochi Prefecture, Japan

Joining History

  • May 2003

    Tourism and Culture Exchange Treaty with Jeollanam-do (Jeollanamdo - Kochi Prefecture, Japan)

  • Feb 2007

    The Group of Amity and Cooperation from Kochi Prefecture, Japan visited Mokpo NewPort

    Proposal for amity and cooperation (setting up as a sister port, joining INAP etc.)

  • Jun 2007

    Mokpo NewPort visited Kochi Prefecture/Kochi Port in Japan.

    Working-level talks for amity and cooperation

  • Sep 2007

    Signed an agreement of partnership as a sister port (Mokpo NewPort – Kochi Port, Japan)

    Joined INAP(International Network of Affiliated Ports)

Expected Effects

  • Revitalizing economic and cultural exchange through establishment of mutual relationship among INAP member ports
  • Enhancing external promotion of Mokpo port and improving the level of international awareness

Status of Holding General Assembly of INAP

  • Classification Year Theme of General Assembly Hosting Port
    1st Nov 1998 World Peace through Sister Ports Colombo Port, Sri Lanka
    2st Dec 1999 Strategies to Promote Trades Among INAP Members Tanjung Ferrak Port, Indonesia
    3st Nov 2000 Port Strategies and Regional Economy in 21st Century Kochi Port, Japan
    4st Nov 2002 Carrying Forward Economic Exchange through Exchange of Affiliated Ports Subic Bay Port, the Philippines
    5st Oct 2003 Peace, Development, Co-Prosperity Qingdao Port, China
    6st Oct 2004 Role of Private Sector in Privatization of Ports or Port Projects Sebu Port, the Philippines
    7st Oct 2005 Challenge towards World through Exchange of Affiliated Ports Colombo Port, Sri Lanka
    8st Nov 2006 Making a Port that Survives Future Competition Tanjung Ferrak Port, Indonesia
    9st Sep 2007 Promoting Mutual Economic Exchange among Member Ports
    - Mokpo NewPort Joined INAP -
    Kochi Port, Japan
    10st Oct 2008 Promoting Roles of Asian Ports Subic Bay Port, the Philippines
    11st Sep 2009 Practical Cooperation Plans Among INAP Members to Overcome Risks of Global Economic Depression Mokpo NewPort, South Korea
    12st Nov 2010 Linkage with International Harbor Network Sebu Port, the Philippines
    13st Aug 2011 Global Network for Mutual Cooperation of Affiliated Ports Colombo Port, Sri Lanka
    14st Nov 2012 Logistics Improvement through Joint Marketing Among Member Ports Tanjung Ferrak Port, Indonesia
    15st Nov 2013 Port Growth Strategies Contributing to Asian Economic Development Kochi Port, Japan
    16st Nov 2014 Opportunity for ASEAN Unity
    -Roles of Each Port in ASEAN Unity
    Subic Bay Port, the Philippines
    17st Sep 2015 INAP Eco Port Policy Mokpo NewPort, South Korea
    18st Sep 2016 Ports in Challenges of Climate Change Sebu Port, the Philippines
    19st Nov 2017 Marine Cooperation and Economic Prosperity through INAP Colombo Port, Sri Lanka
    20st Jan 2019 Importance of Port Synergy as Strategy of Future Port Projects Tanjung Ferrak Port, Indonesia