Business Area


The hinterland of Mokpo NewPort is a site supporting only Mokpo NewPort that is a hub port in the southwest region in the age of the Northeast Asia in 21st century and we possess a hinterland of 180 thousand pyeong.

Development Progress of Hinterland

  • Step 1 ( ~ 2005) Private projects completed : 181 thousand pyeong
  • Step 2 Under construction of governmental projects : 143 thousand pyeong


  • 1. Securing Abundant Floating Population
  • Adjacent to 3 fleet of Navy / to a shipbuilding company (Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries)
  • 10 min. to major facilities (Mokpo station / F1 Circuit / Gohado marine cable car)
  • 2. The Potential to Develop
  • A starting point of the West Coast highway thanks to the Mokpo bridge
  • Close to Muan International Airport that is a base airport for the southwest region
  • To develop Gohado amusement park (constructing a golf course, an amusement park etc.)