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Personal Information Handling Policy

‘The Mokpo New Port Operation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘the company’) thinks highly of protecting personal information of users and complies with regulations of personal information protection in 『Act on Promotion of Using Information Communication Network and Utilization of Information Protection etc.』 and 『The Guideline for Personal Information Protection』 enacted by Ministry of Information and Communication. The company informs you through the personal information handling policy regarding how and what the personal information provided by users is used for and what kind of measures are taken to protect personal information. The personal information handling policy of the company may be changed according to changes of laws and guidelines by the government and terms and conditions and internal policies of the company and in case of revision of the policy, the company will post the changes up on the web site immediately.

1. Items of Personal Information to Collect and How to Collect
▶ Items of Personal Information to Collect
The company collects the following personal information from users when they use services.
1) Items of Personal Information to Collect
- Mandatory Items : Name, Contact Number, Mobile Number, E-mail, Address etc.
Besides, the following information may be created and collected in the process of using services or dealing with business.
– Records of using services, log of access

▶ How to Collect Personal Information
– Filling out personal information at the customer center and in the process of inquiring about employment on the web site

2. Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information
The company uses the collected personal information for the following purpose.
– Purpose of Using Collected Personal Information : Providing services of the web site, identification, delivering the progress of dealing with complaints

3. Period of Holding and Using Personal Information
In principle, once the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the corresponding information is destroyed immediately.
But, in case that the information needs to be preserved according to regulations of the related law, the information on members are kept during a certain period of time that is designated by the related law as follows. In this case, the corresponding personal information is transferred to a separate database (DB) or a separate place for storage.
– Period of holding and using personal information
– A legal basis for items and the period to hold
– Records of customers’ complaints or treatment of disputes 3 years Act on Customer Protection on the Electronic Commerce
– Records regarding indication/advertisement 6 months Act on Customer Protection on the Electronic Commerce
– Log of access of users etc. 6 months Act on Communication Secret Protection

4. Procedure and Method to Destroy Personal Information
The company destroys the corresponding information immediately after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved.

▶ Procedure of Destruction
After the purpose is achieved, the personal information of users is transferred to a separate DB (a separate cabinet in case of papers) and destroyed after a certain period of time according to reasons for information protection (refer to the period to hold and use) by internal guidelines and other related regulations. The personal information transferred to a separate DB is not used for other purposes aside from holding unless it is stated in the law.

▶ How to Destroy
The personal information saved in an electronic file type is deleted by using a technical method that records can’t be regenerated. The personal information printed out on papers is pulverized by a paper shredder or destroyed by an incinerator.

5. Consignment of Collected Personal Information
The company does not deal with personal information by consignment to an external company.
6. Providing Personal Information to the 3rd Party
The company does not provide personal information of users to the outside service provider.
But, the following cases will be an exception.
– In case of being based on regulations of laws, or requests from an investigation agency according to procedure and methods designated by a law for the purpose of investigation
– In case that it is required for settlement of fees according to provision of charged services
– In case that the information is processed and provided in a type of being unable to identify a certain individual for preparing statistics, academic research or market survey
– In case that users agree ahead of time

7. Rights of Users and Regal Representative and How to Exercise
A user and a legal representative is able to request viewing / correcting ∙ deleting / suspending treatment / withdrawing agreement regarding personal information at any time in relation to the user or personal information of a person aged under 14 in the corresponding year. The company may reject viewing / correcting ∙ deleting the entire or some personal information in case the following cases.

– In case that viewing is prohibited or restricted according to a law
– In case that there is a concern of harming others’ lives or bodies or poaching others’ assets and other profits unfairly

In case that a user requests correction of errors in personal information, the corresponding personal information is not used nor provided to the 3rd party before correction is completed. Besides, in case the wrong personal information is already provided to the 3rd party, the result of correction will be notified to the 3rd party immediately. The company deals with deleted / suspended personal information upon the request of a user or a legal representative according to “3. Period of Holding and Using Personal Information” and makes sure that the personal information is not viewed or used for other purposes. Please enter the latest personal information of a user exactly. A user is supposed to take a responsibility for any incidents caused by wrong information provided by the user and any person to be a member may be disqualified in case of entering false information such as embezzlement of others’ information etc.

A user also has an obligation to protect himself/herself and not to violate others’ information along with a right to have personal information protected. Please take a precaution not to leak personal information of a user including a password and not to damage others’ personal information including postings. If not carrying out one’s responsibility to the fullest and damaging others’ information and dignity, you may be punished by 「Act on Promotion of Using Information & Communication Network and Utilization of Information Protection etc.」 etc.

8. Other Policies on Treatment of Personal Information
▶ Guidelines on Operation of Postings
The company regards users’ postings valuable and does its best to protect them not to be falsified, damaged and deleted. However, it’s not the case for the following cases.
– Spam postings
– Postings to distribute false facts and damage others’ reputation for the purpose of slandering others
– Postings revealing others’ personal information without agreement
– Postings with contents infringing rights such as intellectual property rights of the company or the 3rd party
– Other postings with contents different from the theme of a bulletin board

The company can modify or delete a certain part and post it up upon opening others’ personal information to the public without agreement in order to revitalize culture of the desirable bulletin board, and in case of contents available for moving to other bulletin boards with different themes, the moving route is disclosed to avoid misunderstanding.

Aside from it, it can be deleted after an explicit or individual warning. Basically, overall rights and responsibilities related to postings rest upon the writer. In addition, since it is difficult to protect the information which is disclosed voluntarily through postings, please contemplate it before disclosing the information.

▶ Policy to Reject Unauthorized Collection of E-mails
The company rejects the posted e-mail addresses to be collected without permission with using a program collecting e-mails or other technical devices. Upon violation, you may be punished by 「Act on Promotion of Using Information & Communication Network and Utilization of Information Protection」 etc.

▶ Transmission of Advertising Information
The company does not transmit advertising information for the purpose of making profits against an explicit expression of intention to refuse reception of users. In case users agree with sending e-mails such as information on products, newsletters etc., the company takes a measure so that users can see them on the subject line and the body part of e-mails easily as below.

– The text of ‘advertisement’ may not be indicated on the subject line of an e-mail and it shows main contents of the body part of an-email.
– In the body part of an e-mail, a sender’s name, e-mail address and telephone number are specified so that a user can express the intention to refuse reception, and a method to express the user’s intention to refuse reception easily is described.
- In case of sending advertising information for the purpose of making profits through media other than e-mails such as FAX, text messages etc., the company takes the required measures such as indicating the text of “Advertisement” at the beginning of the contents to send according to the related law.

8. Information on Manager of Personal Information and Department in charge of Customer Service

The company designates the related department and a person responsible for management of personal information as below in order to protect personal information of users and deal with complaints related to personal information.
▶ Manager of Personal Information

– Manager : Management Support Team Manager
– Contact : +82-61-460-8040
– E-mail :

▶ The Person in charge of Personal Information
– Name : SEO Jun Pro
– Contact : +82-61-460-8051
– E-mail :

▶ Other Agencies
Users may report all complaints related to protection of personal information that may take place while using services to the person or the department responsible for managing personal information. The company will give you a prompt reply to users’ reports which is enough for users to understand. In case you need any reports or consultation regarding other infringement of personal information, please contact the following agencies.

– Personal Information Infringement Report Center ( / 118)
– Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee ( / 02-2100-2499)
– Internet Criminal Investigation Center, Supreme Prosecutor’s Office ( / 02-3480-2000)
– Cyber Terror Response Center, National Police Agency ( 182)